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What makes the BROS Club Insurance Program different than other programs such as GEICO, Progressive or Dairyland?

Price is one consideration. The BROS Club Insurance Program can help you choose the right money-saving coverage, with up to 35% in discounts (where applicable). On top of that, the insurance program offers an option others stumble over, the "Agreed Value" endorsement. For riders with custom paint and accessories, this is a valuable point of difference.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the BROS Club Insurance Program is the fact that Motorcycles are their specialty. When claims happen, as they sometimes do, ask yourself one question, would you rather have a motorcycle specialist helping you to resolve your claim, or some auto or fire insurance claims adjuster... For an instant (no obligation) motorcycle insurance quote, click here.

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BROS Club National Director's Take on Motorcycle Insurance
By E.Villaverde

September 2, 2004 - Pasadena, CA

Motorcycle Insurance is just plain boring. But in my recent interview with BROS Club's National Director, DJ Coates, you'd think he was a friggin CRUSADER FOR JUSTICE for their members.

Coates has managed the BROS Club and CycleServices MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE division for the past 14 years. "Over the years I've seen some pretty interesting things happen in the MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE marketplace. My job is to help keep things generally stable for our members; the companies we work with have been genuine in their efforts to help us to do just that.

Coates went on to say that he pretty much thinks "INSURANCE SUCKS, but to be without it when the incident happens, is a lot worse than working through the initial placement of coverage or making the monthly payments to keep the coverage in place." Not to mention the reality that IT CAN AND DOES HAPPEN TO YOU.

On July 4th, 1981 Coates survived a serious freeway accident wherein a drunk driver crossed four lanes and clipped the front wheel of his motorcycle sending him and the bike into a 70 mile an hour slide in the No#1 lane of the 210 Fwy.

Coates recalls, "It was like everything went into slow motion, I felt like I had all the time in the world to react. I basically hopped on top of the shiny side and rode it till it stopped. In was a while before I even realized the injuries I had sustained in the initial impact. As the bike slowed down I heard this voice say, "Move fast when you stop." as I scrambled off the highway, an 18 wheeler zoomed by and totally demolished my bike which was directly in the path of the truck, there's no way he could have avoided me." Coates says, "That's when I got a peak at the Holy City, and truthfully, my life was changed".

"With the help of a good samaritan, the witnesses and I found the drunk hiding out; a bystander had tailed him as he tried to flee the scene of the accident. After the crap was beaten out of him, he spent the night in jail, but the guy didn't have a pot to piss in. I was glad for the insurance coverage I had arranged."

Coates pointed out that some of the modern day policies are better than the ones that were available back then. BROS Club's program includes an option for something Coates says many of their members really like, called "Full Value" coverage. This changes the "depreciation" wording in the policy and makes the coverage more favorable to the policyholders that purchase it.

After speaking with BROS Club and CycleServices National Director, I joined. These people seem truly dedicated to the well being of their members, right down to their quality control survey following each dispatched emergency rescue call.

Recently BROS Club and CycleServices announced how the surveys they conduct impacted their organization by uncovering a service problem within their (former) dispatch team. On September 1st 2004 they announced the termination of their former dispatch service in favor of the No #1 quality rated dispatch service in America, as rated by J.D. Power & Associates. Coates, as usual, is enthusiastic about how this change will help their members to receive even better service in their times of need.

BROS Club and CycleServices seem to have found their true niche, providing quality service and attention to the details on behalf of their members, all across America & Canada, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Chillocothe, OH - Pasadena, CA: Bros Club and CycleServices North America announce major changes to enhance benefits to members

September 1, 2004 - Bros Club North America and CycleServices North America officially announced the termination of their dispatch service after continuing unresolved reports of bad service threatened to mar Bros Club's otherwise excellent reputation.

In an interview with Bros Club's National Director, DJ Coates, Coates explained, "After each and every dispatch, members receive a quality control survey. We were shocked to hear the way some of our members had been treated in recent months and despite efforts to resolve the problems with the former provider, determined it was time for a change."

Coates reported, "After months of investigation, we have teamed up with the JD Power & Associates NO#1 rated Motorcycle Emergency Service Provider." Coates continued, "along with providing better service to our members, Bros Club and CycleServices can now provide enhanced benefits to current and new members."

Full details of the expanded benefits are available at the BROS Club and CycleServices websites or from links on other popular Biker related sites.